Excel is a world-class premium performance end-to-end infrastructure solution - designed, manufactured, supported and delivered - without compromise.

  • Number one cabling brand in the UK
  • 100% Plastic Free Packaging
  • 25-Year Warranty for Excel Partners
  • Standards compliant from ‘cable to rack’

The Excel brand, owned by Mayflex part of the Sonepar Group and is driven by a team of industry experts, ensuring the latest innovation and manufacturing capabilities are implemented to surpass industry standards for quality and performance, technical compliance and ease of installation and use.

Excel emphasis is on compatibility and standards compliance 'from cable to rack', reliability and product availability.

Excel is the complete trusted solution. Since the brand was launched to the UK market in 1997, Excel has enjoyed formidable growth and is sold in over 70 countries throughout the world.

The Excel portfolio includes:
  • Floor-Standing Racks
  • Wall Racks
  • Open-Frame Racks
  • Rack Components
  • Copper Cable
  • Copper Patch Panels &
  • Frames
  • Keystone Jacks & Shutters
  • Modules & Faceplates
  • Backboxes & Floorboxes
  • Telephone Networking
  • Cable Management
  • Tools
  • Accessories
  • FTTx Cable
  • Ducting
  • Interconnect Cables & Splitters
  • Housing, Domes & Enclosures
  • PDUs
  • Power Cords & Extension
  • Leads
  • PON Solution
  • Fibre Cable
  • Fibre Patch Panels
  • Fibre Patch Panel
  • Cassettes
  • Fibre Breakout Boxes
  • Fibre Patch Boxes
  • Fibre Connectors Couplers
  • Fibre Attenuators
  • Fibre Cable Management
  • Fibre Fan-Out Kits
  • Fibre Tools
  • Fibre Cleaning Polishing
  • Fibre Accessories

Plastic Free Packaging

Excel is acutely aware of the damage that plastic has on the environment. Excel was the first cabling infrastructure vendor to remove the single-use plastic from the majority of the Excel product packaging.

By switching to "natural" brown packaging options which are both recycled and 100% recyclable, Excel removes 18 million (45 tonnes) of single-use plastic bags from entering the supply chain each year.

Thanks to Excel plastic free initiative, customers can also save up to 60% of their preparation time when they're installing keystone jacks, as these products are available in multipacks of 24, supplied in a simple 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard tray as opposed to individual single-use plastic bags.